Eid Al Adha Khutbah (Holding on to Iman)

Reflections upon Hajj

The Farewell Khutbah

Rights of the Elderly

Pilgrimage to Allah’s Sacred House

The Wind

Angels’ Supplication for the Believers

Realizing our Absolute Dependance upon Allah

Four Quranic Commands

Signs of Happiness

Supplications at Times of Distress

Eid al Fitr Khutbah (The Honoring of Humankind)

This Fleeting World and the End of Ramadan

Last Third of Ramadan (Seeking Refuge)

The Virtue of Charity in Ramadan

Embracing Ramadan

Making the Most of Ramadan

Attaining Barakah


Interpretation of Dreams


Hardness of the Heart


Bond of Faith

The Importance of Dialogue

Holding on to Islam

Sadness in Light of the Shariah


Compassion and Comforting

Steadfastness in the Face of Trials

Fortifying Hearts in Calamities with Certainty

Glory of the Believer

Affirming our Return to Allah

Allah is with the Believers

Awakening the Ummah

Be Optimistic

Lifting Calamities

Satisfaction with Afflictions

Divine Will and Decree

Allah Wants to Accepts Your Repentance

The Noble Quran


Ask Allah for Wellbeing

Reflecting on Earthquakes


Obsessive Thoughts

Sincere Advice

Appreciating the Ongoing Blessings

Arranging the Rows

Fearing Allah Unseen

Peace of Mind

Reviving the Heart with the Quran

The Levels of Paradise

The New Year

Summer Vacation

The Sage Abu Al Dardaa

Means of Attaining Mercy

Eid Al Adha Khutbah (Adhering to Religion)

The Unifying Worship of Hajj


Friday Prayer

Be Conscious of Allah Wherever You are

The Passing of the Prophet ﷺ

The Ability of Allah

The Enmity of Satan

Yearning for Hajj

Supplications for the Heart

The Most Important Necessity

Shirk – The Greatest Injustice

The Reality of this Worldly Life

Friday Reminders

The Virtues of Rajab

The Sound Heart

Reflecting upon the Rain

Drinks of the Dwellers of Hell

Sweetness of Iman

Weighty Deeds

Warning through Surah Qaf

Warding off Anxiety

Three who Spoke in Infancy

Maximizing the Intention

The Most Hopeful Verse

Zakat the Companion of Salat

Taming the Heart

The Blessing of Rain

Racing to Prayer

Wealth Advice

Social Media

Not Recounting Favors

Reflecting upon the Quran

Reforming the Heart

Excessiveness and Extravagance

Supplications of Prayer

The Athan

Do not Ridicule Others

Good Character

The Criterion

Virtue of Repentance

Steadfastness upon the Truth

Virtue of Muharram and Ashura

A Principle for Treating Others

Salvation of those Conscious of Allah

Striving During Virtuous Times

Repentance and the Repentant

Virtue of First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

Reflections on Dhul Hijjah

Embracing the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

The Virtues of the Day of Arafat

The Sacred Months

Supporting the Prophet ﷺ

Safeguarding Religion

The Prophet’s Children

Islamic Concepts

Focus in Prayer

The Good Word

Continuity After Ramadan

Types of People after Ramadan

The Bestower

The Most Subtle

Thinking Well of Allah

Hope in Allah

Virtues of Patience

Virtues of Gratitude

The Greatness of Allah Almighty

Checking the Impulses of the Heart

The Light of Allah

The Narrative of Saba

Prophet Yunus

Sufficient for us is Allah

Knowing Allah through HIs Names and Attributes

Reflections on Surah Sajdah

Creation of Adam

Seeing Allah Almighty

The Guidance of the Quran

The Grief of the Prophet 

Hadith about Death

Attending Congregational Prayers

Those Who Turned Back

The Trial of Wealth

The Hadith of Power

Virtues of Friday

The Blessing of Creation

Reliance on Allah

Etiquette of Charity

Obeying the Prophet

Believing in the Prophet ﷺ

Obligation of Loving the Prophet ﷺ

Barakah is from Allah

The Prophet Musa

The Hijrah


The Pulpit of the Prophet ﷺ

KIndness to the Wife

Beginning of the Revelation

The Manners of the Prophet ﷺ

The Loss of Neglecting Salat

Virtue of Quenching Thirst

Three Men Trapped in a Cave

Fear of Allah

Virtue of Chastity

Perils of Sorcery

Virtue of Fairness

Verse of al-Kursi

Virtues of Zakat

Abu Ubaydah bin al Jarrah

Dutifulness to the Mother

Reflections on Surah al Kahf

A Mercy to the Worlds ﷺ

Believe in Allah and be Steadfast

Love of Allah


Prophet Yahya’s Commandments

Knowing Allah

Parable of the Rain

Concern over Family

Circles of Remembrance

The Mercy of the Prophet ﷺ

AbdAllah bin Omar

What do you Think of the Lord of the Worlds?

Loving the Prophet ﷺ

The Birth of the Prophet ﷺ

Qualities of the Prophet ﷺ

Averting Torment of the Grave

The Islam of Amr bin Abasah

Merits of Abdallah bin Masood

Glorification of Allah

Freedom through Servitude

Humility in Prayer

Attaining the Love of Allah

The Debt of Az-Zubayr

Epidemics – Sign of the Hour

The Trials of Ibrahim

The Virtues of Ibrahim

Honoring the Sacred House

Congregational Repentance

Remembrance of Allah

Some Causes of Divorce

After Ramadan

Eid al Fitr Khutbah (Iman)

Nights of Hope

The School of Ramadan

Strength through Fasting

Striving against the Self in Ramadan

First Khutbah in Ramadan

Receiving Ramadan

Welcoming Ramadan with Repentance

Rejoicing in Ramadan

With Faith and Anticipation

An Andalusian Ramadan Advice

Ramadan and the Quran

Ramadan and Pardoning

Striving in Ramadan

Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

Virtue of Laylatul Qadr

Virtue of the Night of Decree

The Last of Ramadan

Bidding Ramadan Farewell

Finishing Ramadan Strongly

Lessons from Ramadan

Mohammad ﷺ our Role Model and the Virtue of Shabaan

The Virtue of Shabaan

These English Friday Kutbahs are based on the Quran and Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Mohammad  (ﷺ).  In addition, here you will find authentic Islamic Friday Khutbah, lectures and Gems of wisdom. Additionally, the Friday Khutbahs are delivered during the weekly Muslim Friday Prayers. Moreover, the Friday Khutbahs on this site are designed to engage a wide audience and can be delivered in around ten minutes. Also, you can listen to khutbah. Finally, you can download the khutbah transcript.

Furthermore, seeking religious knowledge is very virtuous in Islam. And the Prophet Mohammad ( ﷺ ) indicated that Allah the Exalted makes the path to Paradise easy for whoever seeks knowledge. Therefore, Gems designed for the busy person. Also, Gems of Wisdom are thoughtful, brief and only take a minute or so to read.

Seeking Islamic Knowledge

Life can be hectic and fly by so fast. Although people have asking for ages “what is the purpose of life?”, people still wonder about it today. Moreover, knowing the answer is crucial to setting your life’s priorities. Genuinely reflecting on these questions will indicate the priority that you place on fulfilling your life’s true mission. It is never too late to reset your priorities.  Gaining knowledge is a key aspect of this even if you have been a Muslim all your life. Below are some links that will help you in your journey. Allah created proofs of His existence within our own selves and all around us. He did not leave us alone to wander blindly guessing on how to worship Him. Throughout the ages, Allah sent Prophets to teach people how to worship him. However, previous Prophets were sent to a specific place and people.