This site delivers quality Islamic materials specifically tailored for English language speakers based on the Quran and Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Mohammad  (ﷺ).  Here you will find authentic Islamic Khutbahs, lectures and Gems of wisdom.

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Khutbahs are delivered during the weekly Muslim Friday Prayers. The Khutbahs on this site are designed to engage a wide audience and can be delivered in around ten minutes.

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Seeking religious knowledge is very virtuous in Islam. The Prophet Mohammad ( ﷺ ) indicated that Allah the Exalted makes the path to Paradise easy for whoever seeks knowledge. 

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Designed for the busy person, Gems of Wisdom are thoughtful, brief and only take a minute or so to read.

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Life can be hectic and fly by so fast. The question people have asked for ages is “what is the purpose of life?” Knowing the answer is crucial to setting your life’s priorities.

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